50+ highly-customizable Gutenberg blocks
at your service

Kubio – Basic blocks

The Kubio basic Gutenberg blocks allow you to create simple web elements, from heading to images and links.


Add images with styled borders and shadows. You can add frames and effects to them for a more appealing look.

Link group

Add multiple stylish links to your content. Adjust them while in a normal or hovered state.


Add text that can be stylized your way: from font-family, font-weight, and size, to color, borders, and shadows.


Add self-hosted, Youtube, or Vimeo videos. Adjust their background, spacing, aspect ratios, and shadows.


You can use the spacer block instead of margins and paddings, when you want to add space between content sections.


Add a new row to the canvas. Make adjustments to its columns, spacing, typography, background, and more.


Create enticing calls to action. Fine-tune them until you get the right colors, contrast, and spacing.


Create headings that stand out. Customize their typography, color, shadow, borders, and background.


Add attractive icons to web pages. 100+ free icons are available from the most popular libraries out there. Fully customizable.


Use dividers to separate website sections in a creative way. Customize their color, line thickness, and more.

Kubio – Advanced blocks

The Kubio advanced blocks help you add a higher level of sophistication to your web page design.

Image gallery

Define the number of columns, the image size, and click behavior for your image gallery.


Use shortcodes to insert various custom-made forms, galleries, tables, and more, depending on the plugins you use.


Embed Google Maps, insert your desired address, adjust zoom, height, and hover behavior.


Use this block to improve website navigation and to give users an overview of where they are on your site.

Image collage

Create visually appealing image collages using frames, overlays, shadows, borders, and other styling options.

Flip box

Add flip effects to various elements on your website. Make edits to effect duration and direction.

Social icons

Make your social media profiles stand out across your website. From Instagram to Snapchat and Youtube, you can add any icon you need and style it to match your brand.


Showcase the pricing of your products and services, and make your offers stand out in a stylish matter.

Pricing table

If you have various pricing plans for your product, you can use a pricing table to showcase them.

Contact form

Add a contact form to any page and customize its header, fields, and call to action with ease.

Subscribe form

Insert beautiful and engaging forms via shortcode.


Show off various stats on your website using animated Counter block for Gutenberg.


Make use of tabs to improve navigation and user experience. Style your tabs in the normal, hover, and active state.


Display creative collapsible texts in a dropdown manner. Stylize them according to your vision.

Icon list

Create beautiful lists of items and their icons. Style their spacing, borders, shadows, color, and typography.

Dropdown menu

Add your main web pages and products to a stylish dropdown menu with this Gutenberg block.

Accordion menu

Add your main web pages to a stylish accordion menu that will help your visitors find the content they need.


Showcase testimonials, images, projects, and more, using sliders. Customize their transitions, arrows or dots, and everything in between.


Display images, videos, testimonials, products, and their features in beautifully displayed carousels.

Kubio – Site data blocks

These are the elements that shape your identity or allow users to browse your site for specific content.


Add a stylish copyright notice to your website whenever it becomes available to the public.


Add a search bar to your blog or website to ensure smooth and intuitive navigation of your visitors.


Make sure your visual identity is clear to your website visitors by adding your logo in a visible place.

Page title

This block automatically pulls the page’s name and makes it the page’s title

Home button

Whenever the website visitors will click on this button, they’ll be taken to your homepage. Place it on all of your pages for better navigation.

Kubio – Blog blocks

Older WordPress users might recognize some of these blocks as the former WordPress widgets.

Blog layout

this block allows you to add the posts list together with a sidebar to a page. You can delete the sidebar, or place it to the left or right of the posts.

Post list

You can show off some of your most recent or popular blog posts on any page you’d like.

Widget area

The widget area block allows you to add blog widgets to anywhere you want on a page or post.


Use buttons only or buttons with numbers pagination to help your website visitors navigate your blog.

Pagination nav buttons

Adjust your blog pagination with nice buttons. Choose your icons and stylize them the way you need.

Pagination numbers

Use numbers for your blog pagination to help your website visitors discover the content they need easily.

Post title

Create beautiful post titles. Customize their typography, color, shadow, borders, and background.

Post summary

Create a short enticing summary of your blog article to serve as a preview in your blog listing.

Post featured image

Add a relevant and catchy image to every blog article. Adjust its size, borders, shadow, and more.

Post tags

Add relevant tags to every blog article. This way you will group them under the same index.

Post categories

Add categories to your blog articles in order to make it easier for users to browse similar topics.

Post metadata

Add details to your blog articles such as author, publishing date, and comments.

Post comments

Customize your comments form fields, labels, buttons, links, background, and more.

Post comments form

Customize your comments form fields, labels, buttons, links, background, and more.

Read more button

Add a catchy “Read more” call to action to your blog articles on the blog listing page.

Kubio – Layout blocks


If you’ve accidentally removed your hero, you can re-add a hero to your page with this block. The hero block has 5 available layouts.


If you’ve accidentally removed your navigation, you can re-add a navigation to your page with this block. The navigation block has 5 available layouts.


Add a 3-column website section to your page. Add or remove columns afterward, and stylize them til pixel-perfect.

Kubio – Template parts

Because Kubio allows full-site editing, you can create various headers, footers, and sidebars, and edit them inside any page or as templates.


You can replace the default page header with a custom one using the header template part. Create different headers for pages with different personalities.


All the sections and blocks of a page lay inside the content. If you delete it, you can always add it back using the content template part.


You can replace the default page footer with a custom one using the footer template part. Various footers can be assigned to various pages.


You can create separate sidebars for web pages, blog, and articles, in order to create different user journeys.