How to Create a WordPress Website in 2023

How to Make a WordPress Website

40% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

Web design has evolved a lot over the years. It’s never been easier to build a website with no coding knowledge than now, and with a shorter learning curve. And the future looks even brighter.

The way you make a website in WordPress has evolved over the years. Its most recent transformation began back in 2016. Lots of website builders started to challenge the position WordPress had. So it was time for a change, a change that will incorporate the latest tech evolution and the expectations of new audiences: full-site editing.

This new development will allow WordPress users to build their entire website in a single interface, by using blocks that have different uses. But I’ll get into the topic a bit later.

The thing is WordPress is the underlying platform for 40% of the websites out there and it doesn’t want to stop here. A decisive change is underway, and we’re here to witness.

Now, WordPress can really empower people to make a website from scratch with ease, and even for free, but we’ll get to this part later on. So, in the following chapters, I’ll be showing you how you can build your first WordPress website.

But, first things first. I want to go fast through 3 topics that you need to know, before going into the design part.

We’ll be talking about how much a WordPress website costs, and how to choose a domain name and hosting provider.

Next, we’ll even deeper, according to the following chapter:

Chapter 1: The WordPress Ecosystem -> We’ll be talking about WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and other components that define the whole ecosystem.

Chapter 2: Meet the WordPress Dashboard -> We’ll guide you through the WordPress interface and help you understand how to navigate and use it. It’s no rocket science, pinky promise!

Chapter 3: Deciphering the Classic Editor, the Default Editor, the WordPress Customizer, and WordPress Page Builders -> Website building in WordPress is a pretty flexible thing to do. There are 4 main tools that can help you achieve your goals. I’ll explain the differences between them.

Chapter 4: Let’s Create a Page in WordPress -> It’s time to roll up your sleeves and create your first WordPress web page! I’ll guide you through it along the way. Spoiler alert: no rocket science here either.

Chapter 5: WordPress Menus -> Now that you’ve created your first page, you can easily add it to your first menu.

Chapter 6: Let’s Create a Post in WordPress -> Pages and posts are handled separately in WordPress. It’s time to find out how to create your first WordPress blog post.

Chapter 7: Blogging in WordPress -> Wanna find out how to boost your blog with some extra features? You’ve come to the right place.

Chapter 8: WordPress shortcodes -> Lots of WordPress plugins are shortcode based, meaning that  in the plugin you set up your new functionality, and you deploy it via a tiny piece of code inside a page or post. We’ll dive deeper into the topic in this chapter.

Chapter 9: Custom HTML and Custom CSS in WordPress -> From time to time you might need to spice things up with your website a bit, outside your theme’s options and plugins. This is why some basic HTML and CSS knowledge wouldn’t hurt. Find out how you can customize your website by using HTML & CSS.

Chapter 10: Recommended WordPress Plugins -> Some features are not natively built in WordPress. This is why, when you want to add new features to your website, or to build an online store, you’ll need to use some plugins. Let’s see which are the recommended ones.

Wrap up

Let’s get going!