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Explore the features that can help you create a modern website that rocks.






10 free starter sites

Who says you need to reinvent the wheel? Design shouldn’t start from scratch. Pick a ready-made design and insert your own visuals and text, and you’re ready to roll.

50+ customizable Gutenberg blocks

From headings and images to tabs and accordions, you can customize any block until pixel-perfect across any device.

Designer-made sections

Choose from a variety of website sections to design all that you need: from portfolio to team and features sections.

Template parts

Create templates for headers, footers, and sidebars, and use them across any page you want.


Redo Undo

Need to go back and fix an error? No worries. With Redo and Undo you can go back and forth.

Responsive out-of-the-box

Kubio blocks and sections look good on any device. If you want to hide certain content sections, you can do it from the block editing panel.

No Code

The Kubio blocks have endless styling options so that you won’t feel the need for extra customizations via code.


Whether you want to navigate across the page sections, or among pages and posts, our editor makes it easy and intuitive.

Advanced block editing

From font family and to background colors, spacing, and borders, anything can be customized with Kubio.

Custom positioning

Place each website section wherever you see fit. You can drag and drop sections and blocks easily.



There are multiple global color schemes available to choose from, that can help you be consistent across all pages.

Borders & Shadows

Add borders and shadows to website elements, to create a sense of depth and 3D. Control their size and color.


You can make changes to certain design elements when in the normal state or hover state.

Additional CSS

For those that want to have full control over their design, additional CSS will provide the freedom they need.


Customize everything

From the size and font family to shadows, alignment, and more, you have full control over your website typography.

Font size: em, rem, px

Scale font sizes using em and rem options so that you can be consistent across your whole site.