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The United States is a nation of coffee lovers. In 2022, the U.S. coffee market exceeded $48 billion, with the total number of coffee shops reaching approximately 38.4 thousand. What sets businesses apart in this highly competitive market is a fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing website. 

Coffee shop owners looking to establish an online presence need a user-friendly and powerful platform. This, along with its high customizability, makes WordPress the perfect choice. 

In this article, we’ll help you brew up your new website by sharing the top 10 coffee shop WordPress themes for 2024. 

Why does your coffee shop need a website?

Having an online presence is a necessity – but why? Let’s look at the reasons why your coffee shop needs a website and explore the core ingredients that will make it stand out from competitors:

Basic information at your fingertips

Think of your website as a digital storefront for your coffee shop. It offers an easily accessible space to share essential details, like contact information, operating hours, and menu. This convenience helps the customer experience, making it easier for both regulars and newcomers to connect with your shop.

Did you know? A quarter of Americans now avoid allergens, meaning it could set you apart from other coffee shops to feature an allergen menu on your site. 

Connection with your audience

A website is a great way to make connections. It helps you to engage with existing customers, keeping them informed about promotions, events, and new offerings. Along with this, it acts as a powerful tool to introduce your business to a broader audience. 

Legitimacy in the digital domain

A well-optimized website legitimizes your business online. This improves visibility in search engine results, making it easier for people to discover you as they search for their next caffeine fix. This also fosters trust among potential customers, positioning your coffee shop as a go-to spot. 

Strategic website development and SEO practices play a pivotal role in improving your rank on Google. If you can rank higher in search engine results, your coffee shop will attract more organic online traffic, subsequently driving foot traffic to your physical location and expanding your reach within the community.

Promotion of sales and events

Your website is a great way to promote special events, seasonal menu items, and sales. Harness the power of your online space to keep customers informed and excited about the latest offerings. 

Core ingredients for a great coffee shop website

We now know how important a website is for your brand, but we need to explore the elements that make it an immersive extension of your coffee shop. Let’s take a closer look: 


Cleverly designed, your homepage can feature seasonal menu items, company news, and other engaging content. The key is clarity in navigation, so visitors can easily find the information they are looking for.


List your menu online. Beyond staples, use this space to highlight seasonal promotions and encourage physical visits. Consider incorporating online ordering plugins, which make it easy for patrons to savor your creations in the comfort of their homes.


Ask yourself: Who are you? The About page is your chance to introduce yourself to the world. Share your coffee shop’s journey, philosophy, goals, and future aspirations. 

Go into the details of your coffee sourcing process, introducing the farms and regions you collaborate with. This page is a powerful tool to inspire visitors and forge a connection that goes beyond a simple transaction.


Provide your address, phone number, and email address or contact form for inquiries or feedback. Consider adding a map or directions for easy navigation, especially if your location is unique or tucked away.


A blog injects personality into your brand. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, coffee-related insights, and community engagement initiatives to weave a narrative that resonates with your patrons.

By putting your coffee shop online, you can carve a distinct identity for yourself, make people feel involved, and draw customers in. 

Free themes vs. premium themes

WordPress is known for its vast number of site options, but did you know that some might work better for you than others? You have two options: Use a free theme from the WordPress theme directory, or invest in premium themes that come with a price tag.

Let’s break down the considerations into a comprehensive table for clarity:

CriteriaFree themesPremium themes
ProsOfficially approved, meeting WordPress standards.More functionality, often with pre-installed plugins.
Budget-friendly.Greater customization options, aligning with brand identity.
Minimalist designs for speedy websites.Potential for customer support.
ConsMay have simplistic designs.Pricey, challenging for small budgets.
Risk of similarity with other sites.Learning curve for editing and customization.
Not always regularly updated.

While free themes are great for first-time site owners to experiment with website building, premium themes are the ideal choice for business owners. They provide the necessary design flexibility to craft a unique online brand, although budget constraints may make them inaccessible.

Let’s explore the best themes for coffee shop owners. 

The top 10 coffee shop WordPress themes

1. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Kubio web builder theme

Kubio’s dedicated starter site for coffee shops is a great way to begin your site-building journey. This starter site comes with access to Kubio’s easy-to-use, AI-powered drag-and-drop page builder. It’s professionally designed to show off your coffee shop’s best products through parallax scrolling and featured menu sections. Give the demo a try to see for yourself! 

The cost for the full Kubio web builder starts at just $99/year for a single site.

2. Foodica

Foodica site 

A visually striking theme, Foodica brings brightness and freshness to your digital storefront. Ideal for highlighting menu items, this theme ensures a captivating visual experience for your visitors.

3. Corretto

Corretto theme for coffee shops

Offering a variety of pre-built page templates, Corretto stands out with its gorgeous menu layout, providing an elegant platform to showcase your coffee shop’s products and offerings.

4. Cookely

Cookely theme 

With a responsive, mobile-ready design, Cookely is the perfect choice for coffee shops looking to integrate blogging into their site.

5. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop theme by OceanWP

Compatible with drag-and-drop page builders, OceanWP’s Coffee Shop theme comes in both basic free and fully-featured pro versions, providing flexibility for various business needs.

6. Mise en Place

Mise en Place restaurant theme

Crafted specifically for restaurants, Mise en Place offers a gorgeous theme with built-in menu functionality. 

7. Amaya

Amaya theme for WordPress

As a clean and modern site design, Amaya is an excellent choice for coffee shops looking to integrate an online store.

8. Barista

Barista theme

Barista has a library of coffee-shop-related images and nine homepage options to choose from, resulting in that website you’ve always wanted. 

9. Tasty

Tastyc WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants 

Tailored for a variety of restaurant types, Tasty provides a pre-made template specifically designed for coffee shops. With both dark and light versions, it matches any branding.

10. Kaffa

Kaffa coffee house theme 

With six main page variations, Kaffa caters to the unique niche of your coffee shop. It also features a color visualizer wheel, so you can easily choose the colors that best match your brand. 

Here’s a comparison of these sites: 

ThemeFeaturesStarting Cost
Coffee Shop (Kubio)AI content generation, parallax scrolling, menu showcase$99/year 
FoodicaBright, fresh, visually appealing$69/year
CorrettoAesthetically pleasing$69/year 
CookelyMobile-ready, integrates blogging$69/year
Coffee Shop Basic free version, pro version$44/year 
Mise en PlaceGorgeous theme crafted for restaurants$55 (lifetime use)
AmayaClean, modern, WooCommerce compatible$79/year 
BaristaLibrary of coffee-shop images$79/year 
TastyBuilt for various restaurant types$49/year 
KaffaOn-brand color schemes, six main variations$69/year 

Kubio features that will make your coffee shop website shine

Kubio, a block-based page builder that transforms web design into a code-free experience, is the perfect place to start your site. It offers a set of features that will elevate your coffee shop website to new heights: 

  • Code-free simplicity: No coding experience is needed with Kubio. Tailored for small businesses looking for a great site, Kubio ensures that building your website is a hassle-free experience. With a single interface, you can effortlessly create and preview your website in desktop, tablet, and mobile phone views, all without delving into complex code structures. You can even use the builder’s new AI feature to effortlessly generate bespoke first drafts of your entire site.
  • Starter sites: Starter sites are a great way to begin your site creation, and Kubio has plenty of them. These templates are a foundation for creating a uniquely branded site, saving time and effort.
Kubio has a range of starter sites to get you started
  • Gutenberg blocks: Kubio’s extensive library of over 50 customizable Gutenberg blocks is ideal for dynamic hero sections and engaging product displays. These blocks allow you to shape each aspect of your website. 
  • Ready-made sections: You can craft aesthetically pleasing web pages with sections designed for both design appeal and functionality. Pre-designed “about” sections, reviews and testimonials, contact sections, and more ensure that your coffee shop website looks great and works well. 
  • Complete customization: Effortlessly tweak every detail to match your coffee shop’s in-person branding. Change typography, color schemes, backgrounds, and icon styles all in a single interface. With Kubio, the ability to apply changes universally or tailor details on a page-by-page basis makes site building even easier.

Time to serve your customers a new site 

Build your site with Kubio Web Builder

According to a National Coffee Association USA survey from 2021, 65% of 25-39-year-olds had consumed coffee in the last day. This goes to show that coffee is a lucrative business, so it’s no wonder more shops want an online presence. Connect with existing customers and gain new ones with a well-crafted website. 

Kubio’s high level of customizability, single-interface editing, and pre-made blocks offer unlimited inspiration – making it the best place to start your site creation journey. 

Download Kubio today and serve up a new website to your customers – after all, a good day starts with coffee!


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