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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology market is massive. By 2023, its value had already hit around $200 billion and is projected to surpass $1.8 trillion by 2030. This surge in popularity and demand is largely down to new technologies, particularly those generating content for websites

AI has shaped how content writers and WordPress site owners work. But with so many options available now, how do you choose the best AI tool?

Don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the best AI content generators that WordPress site owners can use to improve their experience.

Let’s get started. 

What’s a WordPress AI content generator?

Put simply, AI is a type of program that can learn rules, as well as learn from its own work. Generative AI then uses those rules to create something, such as an image, text, or website code. These kinds of tools are an absolute game-changer in website design especially, giving designers and content creators a powerful tool to enhance their work. You can use AI to streamline tasks, and it can completely transform the design process. 

ChatGPT is a well-known example of generative AI technology that is reshaping content creation, showcasing the incredible impact AI can have. However, ChatGPT’s abilities only scratch the surface when it comes to the level of ease AI can bring to website creation and management. AI-generated content can serve as a foundation for your website’s layout, imagery, landing page copy, and more. 

Why do you need an AI content generator?

AI content generators can significantly improve the experience of creating and managing a WordPress or WooCommerce website. For example, WooCommerce site owners often face the challenge of listing a substantial batch of new inventory – each of which needs its own landing page copy. This can be tedious to do yourself – and expensive to outsource – but AI can whip up workable first drafts for these pages in an instant. 

Or, think for a minute about a small business owner trying to work out SEO optimization. AI tools can assist in drafting SEO-friendly meta descriptions, headers, and other essential elements. By automating this process, AI allows business owners to enhance their website’s visibility without delving into the complexities of SEO writing.

Certain WordPress AI plugins, such as Kubio AI, extend beyond just content generation. In fact, with Kubio, you can actually create bespoke websites from scratch. This feature caters to website design agencies by streamlining their design processes. However, it’s also great for beginners, providing an accessible entry point into WordPress.

Integrating AI into the process of designing websites brings about so many advantages. It simplifies intricate tasks, boosts creativity, and, above all, improves efficiency. When used effectively, AI-generated content becomes the foundation of a more efficient and purpose-driven website design experience!

5 AI tools to improve your WordPress website

Let’s explore five AI tools that can help with your content creation processes, boost SEO, and enhance content creation for WordPress users!

1. Kubio AI

Kubio AI homepage graphic

Kubio AI offers instant web design and content generation for WordPress websites, making it a holistic solution for all its users. 

With Kubio AI, you can effortlessly create first drafts for landing pages, thanks to its automated content creation feature. It even offers advanced features like grammar correction, text length customization, tone adjustment, and automated translation, ensuring a polished and professional output with minimal effort on your part. 

But that’s not all! 

Kubio AI is also great at image generation, a huge advantage for web designers and online retailers. It removes the hassle of selecting relevant visuals by automatically populating your site with fitting photos from Pexels. You can even regenerate web page images effortlessly without searching through countless stock photos. 

Kubio AI also allows you to use simple text descriptions to create unique and customized images that perfectly match your preferences.

Whether you need to create a site draft from scratch or tweak the details so they’re just right, Kubio AI allows you to efficiently transform the WordPress site creation process. It’s a significant advantage for both creativity and convenience!

2. Elementor AI

Elementor AI homepage graphic 

Elementor AI includes a prompt booster that improves how effectively you communicate with the AI, guaranteeing accuracy and clear instructions. Elementor AI lets you access your prompt history, enabling you to analyze previous successful interactions. Using this knowledge, users can enhance their strategies, leading to consistently impressive outcomes as they evolve their website design. 

3. Jetpack AI

Jetpack AI homepage graphic

Jetpack AI is a user-friendly suite of AI tools integrated into WordPress. You can use Jetpack AI to generate blog posts, web pages, lists, and tables effortlessly. Along with this, the tool offers smart content feedback, including advanced grammar and spelling checks, ensuring the content sends out strong signals of authority. 

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO homepage graphic 

Yoast SEO is a cutting-edge tool that can automatically create titles and meta descriptions designed to increase click-through rates. SEO is extremely important for making sure that your website reaches the users who intend to see it, and Yoast SEO’s AI tool is designed to help make this easier.  With its state-of-the-art features, Yoast SEO establishes itself as a valuable partner in improving visibility and maintaining a competitive advantage. 

5. Human Made AI for WordPress

Human Made AI for WordPress homepage

Human Made AI for WordPress is an all-inclusive tool that integrates into different parts of the WordPress dashboard. It provides a dashboard assistant, which helps users find pages, gain valuable content insights, and perform tasks like creating feature images for blog posts. Human Made AI also has a writing assistant and a powerful AI-driven tool for creating and editing images, enabling users to produce great website content. 

AI-powered WordPress tools we left off the list (and why)

We have carefully selected a list of WordPress plugins designed to offer unique value and enhance the user experience. Our list intentionally does not include any plugins like Bertha.AI, which we consider a Chat-GPT wrapper. There are many plugins like this on the market, and they simply copy and paste results from existing Chat-GPT outputs without providing distinct functionality. Although they may provide some convenience, our focus is on showing off innovative tools that surpass basic AI capabilities.

WordPress AI Content Generators Visualized

Here’s a chart to help you research and visualize some of the WordPress AI tools available. It ranks the tools by how specific their features are to WordPress, as well as how many unique features they have to offer:

Graph displaying AI generators by WordPress specificity and the number of unique features in these AI tools

Basic prompt engineering tips for beginners

Starting to explore AI tools for the first time can be daunting. To guide beginners through this process, let’s look at the basics of prompt engineering to unlock the full capabilities of AI models such as ChatGPT.

First things first, what exactly is prompt engineering? 

Prompt engineering is creating clear and effective instructions to guide AI models like ChatGPT in accomplishing various tasks. Think of it as the communication bridge between users and the AI. 

A well-constructed prompt is what leads to successful interactions with AI. It should include:

  • Clear description: Give a direct description of what you want, with elements like writing voice, style, or art style. Be specific about the desired outcome to avoid ambiguity.
  • Length or size specifications: Specify the length or size of the content you want. Whether it’s a short paragraph, a lengthy article, or a particular word count, clarity on size is important.
  • Contextual information: Share context about the content, outlining what the audience values or already knows. This helps the AI tailor its response to meet the audience’s expectations.
  • Examples of similar content: Offer examples of existing content that interest you and describe what makes those pieces good. This provides the AI with a reference point. 

Think about a life coach using Kubio AI to build a one-page website. A great prompt would be:

“I want to create a website to promote my life coaching business. I offer life advice, particularly focusing on personal fulfillment and work-life balance. My target audience is busy young professionals and working parents looking to regain their sense of self in a hectic world. I want inspirational images.” 

How a website can look using Kubio AI 

This guides the AI in understanding the service and audience while providing aesthetic cues for generating stock photos.

Prompt engineering, like any skill, improves with practice. It might take a few tries to get the desired output. Regularly refine your prompts based on the AI’s responses, learning from the process to enhance your communication and get closer to your envisioned outcomes.

⚠️ A word of warning

AI is definitely a great tool for creating content on WordPress, but it’s important to use it wisely. Relying too much on AI can be tricky, so it’s important to strike a balance between AI’s efficiency and human creativity.

Readers should view AI as a supplement to human creativity rather than a replacement. It is great at providing workable first drafts, offering a starting point for users. However, note that AI cannot fully replace human input. Expecting to edit or refine the AI-generated drafts is an essential approach to ensure the final product is perfect.

Remember to also take into account the ethical and legal consequences linked to AI-generated content. It’s important for users to carefully check AI drafts for any unintentional plagiarism or copyright violations. The greater the human involvement in the process, the more unique and ethically responsible the result will be, helping to shield users from possible legal issues.

Take your WordPress site to the next level with Kubio

If you’re looking to enhance your website’s attractiveness, boost its performance, and stand out in the online world, you’re in the right place.

Kubio AI redefines the WordPress experience by blending content creation and design. You can stand out from the crowd with Kubio’s unique features, instantly generating your site’s first draft and refining it effortlessly using the super-intuitive Kubio builder. 

Don’t miss the chance to improve your WordPress site. Download the Kubio plugin today!


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