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Let’s rewind to 20, 10, even 5 years ago, when building a website was hard. Initially, building a website was a huge undertaking, requiring programming language experts to build and deliver your vision. 

Later, tools like WordPress made things easier, but to create a really great website, you would need some exceptional templates and a solid knowledge of website design principles to create an effective site. 

Today, things are very different. Thanks to AI, building a website has become easier than ever, transforming the way we build websites. In this article, we’ll take a look at how AI – especially tools like Kubio AI – is revolutionizing site design, making it possible for anyone to build a website from scratch.

Unlock the power of AI in website building

For a lot of people, AI may feel like a recent concept. But if you delve into the history of AI, you’ll see the idea dates back to Alan Turing’s work around building intelligent machines, asking, “Can machines think?” Since then, AI has continued to evolve, becoming useful across applications from agriculture and science to marketing and, of course, website building.

AI has multiple useful applications for website design. HubSpot research found that 58% of surveyed web designers used AI to generate images for a website, while 1 in 2 designers had used it to create complete web page designs. Generative AI is quickly becoming a standard tool for web designers, but also expands further to assist anyone creating their own website. Moreover, site owners can use AI to improve the user experience, A/B test pages, and enhance user-behavior analytics. 

The role of AI in website building

One of the main attractions of using AI for website building is that it simplifies the website-building process. With AI, the need for extensive coding knowledge is eliminated, making it simpler and more cost-effective for anyone creating a website from scratch. 

Some of its most useful features include:

  • Automatic template generation.
  • Responsive design.
  • Content creation ability – including images and written copy.

How can AI enrich websites?

AI has a ton to offer in terms of simplification, automation, and optimization for website creation. These tools can help improve functionality, user experience, and aesthetics, transforming the building process. 

If you think this sounds too good to be true, think again. Using a short description of a fictional website for a wedding photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri, Kubio AI was able to create a website featuring a responsive design and everything a wedding photographer could need to showcase their services to prospective clients:

Predesigned features section for a wedding website generated with Kubio AI.
Predesigned section for a wedding website generated with Kubio AI.

Kubio AI has created a complete website, from the layout to the copy and even the images. This foundation can then be further tailored according to the user’s needs. What once would have taken several hours to build is, instead, achieved in minutes. 

The future of AI in website building

As detailed in the example above, AI has already brought some impressive advances to the way we build web pages. But is there more that AI can do?

Future possibilities for AI in website building could include the automation of tasks for site improvements, improving website accessibility, and even improving content delivery in order to tailor content to a user according to their history of using the site. 

It’s an exciting time for website design, and in the future, we’re likely to see even more ways AI can improve the experience of both creating and using a website. 

Kubio AI is a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of AI to help build websites and unlock a wide range of possibilities for website creators, showcasing the capability of AI to transform web design for the better.

Navigating the AI website builder landscape

AI website builders are currently able to provide a range of useful features to website creators. They can automate complex tasks such as branding, design, and content generation, which means they can take website building to the next level. 

This puts their capabilities far beyond the offering of traditional website builders, which require a lot more input from the creator. Using simple descriptions and prompts, an AI website builder can create a professional, fully-functioning website with ease.

Types of AI builders

There are several kinds of AI website builders available now, including:

  • Those that use machine-learning algorithms to customize designs based on user preferences.
  • Those that provide AI-powered recommendations and optimizations for better user experience and SEO.
  • Those that generate fully functional websites from simple textual descriptions, like Kubio AI.
Graphic illustrating an AI builder which creates websites following a simple text prompt, in the style of Kubio AI. 

Some of the most popular AI WordPress website builders currently available include:

Kubio AI

Alt text: Kubio AI’s landing page, reads “Powerful design & ideation with Kubio AI” 

Kubio AI uses the latest in AI technology to help build websites using just a short description. Users can provide a couple of sentences to describe the purpose of the website and the pages required, and be presented with a full website build in a matter of minutes. 

Elementor AI 

Elementor AI’s landing page, reads, “AI - Your New Way of Creating WordPress” Websites.

Elementor AI uses machine learning to build high-performing websites to help reduce the time and effort creators spend putting them together. It can help with different aspects of website building, including coding and content writing. It is designed to work with Elementor, providing a full suite of features for those looking to host and build websites. 

Divi AI

Divi AI landing page, reads, “Divi AI - Leverage the incredible power of AI while building Divi websites.” 

Divi AI is another AI-powered website builder that uses machine learning to help build websites and WordPress themes to create responsive, visually appealing websites. With a range of tools to help write code, create content, and more, it’s a useful tool for anyone looking to improve the content of their websites.

Maximizing the potential of AI for diverse user needs

AI website-building tools have the potential to assist different user groups in creating websites based on their specific needs. Web developers, small business owners, freelancers, and individuals with limited tech knowledge can all benefit from the features AI website builders can offer.

Traditional website developers may be feeling apprehensive about the things that AI can do to help make website building easier. However, AI tools can save web developers time to focus on their client’s individual needs. Automating routine tasks, like code refactoring, save web developers time and mental energy better spent on refinements. 

Building or redesigning professional-quality websites can come at a significant cost to small businesses. However, using a tool like Kubio AI makes it simple and affordable to get started, creating an effective, attractive website without the need to hire a web developer.

Websites are a useful tool for freelancers to highlight their services and potentially engage new clients. Using an AI website builder, freelancers can establish an online presence without the need for technical skills, saving money and time that can be better focused on securing clients. 

Regardless of a person’s technical skill or knowledge of website development, AI website builders can do wonders in terms of helping you generate ideas. This is especially useful for true beginners, who may not even be sure where to start when it comes to crafting a website. Kubio AI simplifies the creation process and gets the creative ball rolling, empowering you to come up with the big ideas that will make your site stand out.

The Kubio AI difference: Transforming web development

As AI technology continues to evolve, there are several AI website builders on the market designed to help make website building simple. So, what sets Kubio apart?

Using AI to get a head start

Using traditional website-building methods takes a lot of time, especially if you’re inexperienced in this area. Using Kubio AI, you can use a simple prompt to create the first draft of your website, saving the hassle of deciding on themes or creating sections for your website. It will even create a first draft of your landing page copy, giving you a solid foundation for your website.

Turn prompts into results

Kubio’s block-based builder allows users to use simple prompts to shape layouts, customize styles, and maintain consistency across your website. Block builders were designed to make it easier for users to customize their website, and now, using Kubio AI, you can not only get a unique first draft of your website, but use its intuitive drag-and-drop interface to hone in on the details.

Enjoy flexibility and customization

Kubio AI provides users with a range of ready-made sections and customizable blocks to give users the flexibility they need to design their ideal website. It will also create a mobile-responsive website without the need for manual coding or responsive design know-how. 

A step-by-step guide to creating your AI-driven website

Getting started with AI website creation is easy with the help of Kubio AI. Use this step-by-step guide as your roadmap to help you use its impressive features to build a website from scratch.

1. Choose your plan and download the plugin

Start your journey by downloading and installing the WordPress plugin. You’ll automatically start off with 500 Kubio AI credits, although you can add more credits if you need them. Each paid plan comes with a set number of Kubio AI credits that can be used to generate pages, sections, and text/image content. You can buy additional credits as needed.

Image of the Kubio builder, where you can generate the first draft of a website using AI.

2. Start building your homepage

To start building your homepage, access the editor and select the orange button labeled “Generate Page” to open the two-part AI builder.

From here, you can provide some general information about your site, including:

  • Name
  • Type of website (Business, portfolio, non-profit, etc).
  • A short description of the website, including:
    • Your main activity. 
    • Products or services. 
    • The main goal of the website. 
    • Branding details like color scheme or types of images to use. 
Kubio AI lets you fill in a short description of your website and instantly create a tailored first draft.

Select ‘Next’, then fill in your personal details and contact information: 

  • Email address*
  • Phone number*
  • Physical address*
  • Social media pages* 
  • Site language
  • Language style (Options are Natural, Formal, Informal, Technical, Persuasive, and Humorous).

*Sections are optional

Fill in your shop details, such as address and logo.

3. Generate your site

Next, click “Generate”. From here, you’ll have the option to refine the following details:

Kubio AI will generate several Hero Images for you to choose from.

4. Edit your generated site

With your first draft created, you can then edit the generated sections of your site as needed, using Kubio AI’s smart features to help you create your content.

  • Use Kubio’s text generation feature to help you draft copy for your website. You can also use its editing tools, such as spelling correction, grammar checking, and tone alteration, to ensure professional results.
  • Generate images using keywords or prompts, and integrate these images into the website. Kubio AI will automatically optimize your images to save space to help maintain a fast website speed and mobile responsiveness. Kubio AI can find appropriate images for you from the free stock site Pexels, or generate new images based on a prompt, allowing you to explore your own creativity.
  • Use Kubio AI’s translation feature to translate your website into additional languages, helping to expand your website’s reach.

As you can see, Kubio AI site creation is fast and simple, leaving you with a professional website designed to meet your goals and engage your online audience.

Future-proof your online presence with Kubio AI

AI is fast becoming a must-have tool to help automate and complement the process of website development. Providing the tools to create websites quickly, AI website builders open doors that can help people get started online quickly. While AI may not ever fully replace human designers, those who learn how to use and integrate AI into their workflows can stay ahead of the curve.

Kubio AI is a stand-out AI website builder, allowing users to generate entire websites from scratch using simple prompts, or refining sections using its intuitive block builder. Making website creation simple, it’s a fantastic tool for creating websites that meet your needs.

Want to explore the possibilities of AI website builders? Make the shift to Kubio AI and see how it can transform your business. Become an early adopter and outshine your competitors – get started with Kubio AI today


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