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how to improve wordpress user experience

How to improve WordPress User Experience

Slow page loading is a significant detriment to your website. Google and other search engines penalize slow[…]

how to build a email list for wordpress blog

How to Build an Email List For Your WordPress Blog 

Building an email list is a funneled process. You begin with collecting emails on your blog page[…]


How to backup a WordPress site

As a site owner, it is essential to have a website backup in case something goes wrong,[…]

How to do SEO for Wordpress site

How to Do SEO For WordPress in 2023: 6 DIY Tips for Success

As a website owner, you might know how you can increase the traffic and visibility of your[…]

How to create a Wordpress Multisite

How to create a WordPress Multisite

Did you know that WordPress has a prebuilt feature to create multiple sites using the same installation?[…]

Difference between a landing page and a website

Differences between a landing page and a website

A major problem in online marketing is that it often needs to clarify the difference between a[…]

How to upgrade PHP version of a Wordpress site

How to upgrade PHP version of a WordPress site

Are you wondering why it is good to upgrade your WordPress website to the latest version of[…]

How to improve wordpress security

How to improve WordPress Security Step by Step

WordPress is extremely popular with hackers. Evaluations show that WordPress sites were hit the most by cyber[…]

How to disable the Wordpress Comments

How to disable comments in WordPress

WordPress started out as a blogging platform. The content management system (CMS) is now used by over[…]

Wordpress page vs post the difference

WordPress Page Vs Post: What is the difference

In this article, we will talk about the differences between posts and pages in WordPress. If you[…]

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