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How to embed a PDF on a WordPress site

You have a WordPress site and would like to be able to embed and display PDFs on[…]

How to install Google Analytics in WordPress

In today’s world it is important to track what your users are doing on your website so[…]

wordpress menu optimizations

How to customize your WordPress menu

You have already successfully installed WordPress and now want to create or edit a WordPress menu? In[…]

How to improve conversions on WordPress website

How to improve conversions on a WordPress site

Lead generation is the process by which an unknown visitor converts to a known visitor. This is[…]

All about WordPress updates

Why is important to update your WordPress site

WordPress is a useful and easy-to-use tool once you understand its essential functions; therefore, its maintenance and[…]

wordpress widgets and how to use them

All About WordPress Widgets and How to Use Them

Widgets are pre-designed blocks of design and functionality that can be easily integrated into various sections of[…]

how to add custom fonts in wordpress

How to add custom fonts to WordPress

Want to add custom fonts in WordPress? Custom fonts allow you to freshen up and make your[…]

how to choose right wordpress theme

How to choose the right WordPress theme

Finding a suitable WordPress theme is a challenge these days. As you may have seen for yourself,[…]

How to improve wordpress security

How to improve WordPress Security Step by Step

WordPress is extremely popular with hackers. Evaluations show that WordPress sites were hit the most by cyber[…]

How to disable the Wordpress Comments

How to disable comments in WordPress

WordPress started out as a blogging platform. The content management system (CMS) is now used by over[…]

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