Kubio - the kickstart

Find out how you can use Kubio for designing the website you envision.

How to change global site settings

Depending on the starter site that you’ll choose, some initial global settings will define the styling of your site. You’ll be using a predefined color scheme, fonts, font sizes, and more. 

These global settings allow you to be consistent with your design. All the sections will have the same spacing, all the headings will have the same sizes, etc. The global site settings allow you to streamline the design process, and to create a cohesive website experience. This way you won’t need to always ask yourself: how many pixels should I have at the top of this section, or what font size should I use for this heading? 

Now, if you want to make changes to the default settings, let’s say, have all your paragraphs written in Calibri, 12px, in this particular gray color #DCDCDC, you can do it here easily.

Start by opening a page in Kubio. Now, head over to the Kubio editor on the right side and select “General settings”. If the editor is not visible, just click on the settings icon in the “upper-right”.

It’s here where you can redefine your overall website styling: typography, forms, color scheme, spacing, effects, and additional CSS.

You can always override these global settings inside every block, section, or column. 

Here you’re gonna set up the website’s identity as well.

Let’s take all these options one by one: