Kubio – the kickstart

Find out how you can use Kubio for designing the website you envision.

How to customize typography

Inside the Kubio builder, at the “Advanced” level, in the case of sections, columns, and most blocks you can stylize typography. 

Inside heading color, if you click on the settings icon you can make color changes from H1 to H6.

The colored circle indicates the current color for each element. Click on it if you want to select another color.

 You can pick a color from there, use the slider, or just type in your desired color code in the “HEX” field. Then, you can switch to the RGB color mode if it suits you better from the dropdown arrow. 

You can also adjust the opacity of the text’s color. The slider offers you values from 0 to 1, 1, meaning there’s no transparency. 

Under typography, you also have the option to make changes to the themes’ defaults.