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Post categories block

Categories allow you to group related posts together across a specific topic. Meanwhile, tags allow for smaller groupings. Categories also help readers better navigate the blog. 

Categories and be assigned from the page settings.

kubio page settings
post category in WordPress

The category block allows you to stylize the way the categories will show up across the website’s blog. The moment you select any block, a block editing panel will open up on the right-hand side. It always has three options: content, style, and advanced. The possibilities inside vary from block to block.

At the “Content” level, you can select alignment and also specify the space between the links. 

At the “Style” level you can make changes to link color, link hover color, and typography.


At the “Advanced” level, here are the most common customizations available across the Kubio blocks: background, spacing, border and shadows, typography, transform, dividers, transition, responsive, and miscellaneous.

In the case of the post categories block, you can make changes both to the container and the links. The available customizations can be seen below:

post category advanced edit